Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a DJ, Why not do it myself?

DJ's bring more than just music to a party - they bring atmosphere.  Getting anything less is just not professional.  Not only should you have music, professional mixers, and professional speakers; but you should have professional lighting and a professional DJ running the show.  Music is one of the more important factors contributing to the success of your party or event.  In order to handle requests and be able to serve the true taste of the crowd, a wide variety of music is needed.  Even though only about 90 songs are actually played during a six hour event, thousands are needed.  Prime Tyme Entertainment is equipped with a digital database of over 150,000 songs to match you and your guests with music. 

Can you provide advice as to how I should structure my wedding reception or event?

You bet we can! We have lots of experience in weddings and parties. If there is anything we have learned it is that someone has to keep the ball rolling.  Brides and Grooms and other hosts should concentrate on celebrating.  We can help structure your reception or party and keep the good times rolling.   We will make sure you've thought of everything.  With over 15 years of experience we know how most events should flow.  We work with you in advanced, provide suggestions, what we've seen work and what we've seen fail.  However, we want to stress this is YOUR event.  We work with you to plan it the way you want.  With our experience and flexibility we can guide you to what you've been planning your entire life. 

What kind of music do you play?

Big Band, Oldies, Standard, Country, New wave, Rock, Pop, Dance, Hip-hop... you name it we have it.  If we don't and you want it...We'll get it! 

Do you take requests?

Absolutely,   Prime Tyme not only provides you with a request sheet in advanced we also, with your permission, place request cards on tables so your guests can easily request their favorites.  

We also accommodate a Do Not Play requests as well.

Will I meet with my DJ before my scheduled event?

Yes! You will get a chance to sit down with YOUR DJ and go over details of your event. 

When you give me a price quote, are there any hidden charges?

NO! Your first quote is the last.  Some DJ companies add on travel time, mileage, set up and tear down time.  The price we give is the price you get. No surprises or hidden charges.