LED Par cans

Our par can lighting is capable of thousands of colors.  We usually have 2 on the dance floor to alternate with the beat or fade in and out.  We also have Pars available for uplighting to really add that extra bit of class.  

Mushroom Lights

Mushroom lights spin with the beat and alternate color.  A great effect and great lights to really get the party going.


Moonflowers provide smaller beams of lights that change color, rotate, and cast multiple designs on your dance floor.  Another fan favorite!


Our Laser provides multiple colors that fade in and out, create stars, hearts and other designs on the dance floor. We frequently use this light the entire night.  It provides a touch of elegance during dinner, cocktails, and as guest arrive and leave.  

Fog Machine

Not very popular at weddings but the fog machine provides a blanket of white smoke along the dance floor.  It highlights the other lights and feels like your dancing in the clouds.  Very popular at school dances and a must at Halloween. 


We can provide multiple lights to be used for uplighting, they can be set to one color or fade between multiple colors.